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About us
Our Purpose

We want to change the business world, to bring more humanity and to connect leaders to an attitude of empathy for the people they lead.


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How we see transformation

For us, transformation means that people think differently.

The Principle

Change is a constant and omnipresent: in nature, in life, and of course in business. At certain points in time things must transform, so they can continue to grow and thrive.

Change turns into transformation when …

… people think and act differently, and therefore achieve different results.

The Reality

Many talk about what needs to transform. Few know how to make it happen. What looks good in theory often doesn’t translate well into reality. Efforts falter and often descend into chaos before petering out.

Our Transformation Guides …

… use their leadership experience to accompany and shepherd you in their roles as certified organizational coaches, navigators, mentors, facilitators, and consultants. They are your personal ‘guides’ in your transformation.

The key is a willingness to change and the ability to constantly navigate.