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Jordi Zimmerer

Transformation Guide

Explore the course together and stay successful.

Core Value: Tangible Impact

A captain in a sailing regatta who willingly steers his boat into the unknown and risking everything? A crew which sometimes doesn’t work hand in hand and is overwhelmed with the next move? It happens more often than one believes. 

During a regatta,  our captain (a two-time world sailing champion and world record holder) constantly checked his course and was prepared to adjust it when confronted with unexpected events to take the lead. He even employed such events to his advantage, whilst always having the safety of his crew in mind. Every unexpected maneuver was therefore discussed quickly to make sure that each of us was informed and on-boarded. 

My name is Jordi Zimmerer and I have lived in a highly competitive world for over 30 years. I have used these insights from my motorsport or sailing days to build companies from scratch or to develop pioneering brands. My approach to succeed has therefore been deliberately results-oriented but always humanly respectful. Because all those results I achieved together with the team. That’s why one key element in all transformation processes beside aware leadership is a motivated and committed crew. My passion was and is to guide new or existing business together with their leaders and respective teams onto new courses as I love to see others succeed with my support. 

The dynamics of today’s world drive leaders and businesses to adapt to the environment as quickly as possible. This requires resilient managers who empower and motivate their teams while at the same time ensuring the achievement of operational results.

As the sailing example shows, there is advantage to ask yourself if you are still up to date with your thinking and leadership style. And to check more the once if the actual course is still the correct one.  

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you need a sparring partner to achieve more
  • you are looking for a new course 
  • you want to realize levels others say it’s impossible

Jordi Zimmerer
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