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Limiting Belief

A belief is the mental acceptance that something is true or real. We each live and operate within a complex set of beliefs, which are our reality-making blueprint. They are the way we interpret and organise our world around us.

Beliefs determine if and how we take action. Limiting beliefs can foster attitudes and actions (or inactions) that run contrary to the desired goals. They can cause individuals, teams and organisations to become stuck in a noxious cycle that prevents progress and forward movement toward the desired state.

From the perspective of organisational transformation, it is imperative that limiting beliefs, which can be considered as highly contagious, are identified and replaced with empowering beliefs. Otherwise the organisation risks to become stuck in a cycle of inaction, which in turn reinforces the existing limiting belief, and thus turns them into self-fulfilling prophecies.


  • Identifying and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs release enormous power and energy within the organisation.
  • By actively working to change the limiting belief at individual, team or organisational level, new ways of working become possible.


  • Leaders may feel overwhelmed by the idea of addressing the more ‘human’ factors of transformation.
  • Changing limiting beliefs takes time and effort.

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