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Strategy. Culture. Both crucial to organizations. Both often requiring external OD expertise.

Unfortunately, many typical OD solutions are not designed for long-term impact.

That’s why we don’t have one-size fits all solutions. That’s why we develop each long-term solution uniquely for you.

To give you an idea of what that could look like for you, we’ve described a couple of the more common types of projects we’re asked to help with.

How are we different?

We look at the development needs of your organization, your leaders and your teams. We look at them in the context of real work. And we look at the knowledge and behaviours that need to be reinforced. We know that your success depends on this.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

The Problem

You have a new strategy but market developments have had an earlier and stronger impact on economic results than expected. You need to balance customer focus, minimal disruption to operations and earnings with rapid organizational transformation to stay competitive. The Executive Board has developed a plan to reorganise but has not involved the affected Business Units or the wider organization in this work.

The Solution

Phase I: Align and empower the Leadership Team and Key Stakeholders to create the platform for transformation.

Phase II: Prepare the Leadership Team and Key Stakeholders to integrate their teams into the process and regularly measure progress.

Phase III: Implement Talent & Leadership Development programs to promote the navigation mindset in the culture of the organization.

Phase IV: Embed in organization through trained internal coaches.

The Outcome

Leaders and teams are aligned and engaged to deliver the strategy together. They have developed the mindset and capabilities of constant navigation and participative leadership, which has increased individual and organizational agility. Ambitions and potential has been aligned to the long-term direction of the organization.

The Benefit

The N.E.W.S.® portfolio offers the unique benefit of providing best-in-class solutions to develop organizations, teams and individuals using the same structured framework, methodology and language. By focusing efforts at all three levels, you avoid the disconnect which so often causes these types of projects to stall. The trained internal coaches play an important role in embedding the new behaviours, and so the culture, in the organization.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

The Problem

You began work on transforming your culture. For different reasons these efforts have stalled. You now need to revive them to cascade your new strategy into the organization. For this strategy to be successful, you know you need to reduce the level of competitive behaviour between the different business areas. You need to ensure that everyone is focused on the same priorities, and you need to empower your Leaders to drive the transformation process.

The Solution

Phase I: Measure the level of cooperation across 1st and 2nd level management and align the Leadership Team to the new strategy.

Develop key leaders to cascade and lead the transformation process.

Phase II: Develop managers to coach their teams through the transformation process and focus their teams on priorities.

Phase III: Re-measure the level of cooperation with the initially defined population to assess the impact of interventions.

The Outcome

Leaders and managers have re-engaged with the cultural transformation efforts, the level of cooperation has improved and team performance and the level of individual accountability has increased. Managers have improved coaching capabilities, which has increased acceptance of and adherence to the necessary transformation. Focus on priorities has improved across the whole organization, with the added benefit of reduced stress and increased work-life blend for all.

The Benefit

Being able to make the degree of cooperation visible and measurable allows you to target your development actions directly at the root cause of the problem. By targeting development actions specifically at improving the ability of leaders to coach their teams during the transformation, you will increase individual motivation to adhere to the proposed changes out of conviction, rather than coercion. Providing the means for leaders and teams to focus on the critical priorities, reduces the risk of overloading the organization and stalling your transformation efforts again.

Programs for Organizational Transformation

This program is based on a set of dynamic principles that will guide you in an ever-changing reality. It is a process with follow up check-points, which is typically conducted to help Leadership Teams integrate as a fully functional team and eliminate silo thinking.

During this process, the Leadership Team will create a common understanding of the external environment and trends shaping the industry, and agree on the best strategy for the business to succeed in that context. They create their practical vision of the future and develop the strategy and tactical plan to achieve it. They examine what’s holding them and the organization back, and what they can do to overcome their key barriers as a team. Together they define the values they will hold each other to as a Leadership Team and as individuals.

The process is organized around the four points of the N.E.W.S.® Compass™, which acts as a valuable tool for identifying areas where performance has broken down and where to focus to build greater effectiveness together. It enables Leadership Teams to synchronize realities, objectives and motivations at a personal, interpersonal and organizational level.

It is particularly useful when organizations are ‘stuck’, when alignment among Leadership Team members is crucial, when managing organizational change or Mergers & Acquisitions, or as a structured process of annual strategic planning.

In a rapidly changing environment and Organization, every team needs to realign itself to the bigger picture. Failing to do that, the team will not be able to deliver the expected results.

This program is based on a set of dynamic principles that will guide teams in an ever-changing reality. It is a process with follow up check-points, which is typically conducted to help teams overcome obstacles and create the culture that is needed to thrive in times of change.

The process provides teams with a structured roadmap, organized around the metaphor of a compass, that will help them to move forward, in mutual agreement and, with greater levels of understanding. The aim of the process is to align the team’s compass with the organizational goals, to enable them to navigate together and become a Great Team.

It is particularly useful when a new organizational strategy needs to be cascaded, when there are significant changes in the team or through a new team leader, when teams need to manage a big project or change process, for an annual offsite to plan next year’s goals or as team building event.

We experience change today in ever shorter cycles. Business processes are becoming more complicated. Collaboration is becoming more complex. This makes the future uncertain and less predictable.

Those organizations who want to face these challenges head on understand that they need intrinsically motivated employees, who think and act like entrepreneurs, and not ‘functioning workers’, who ‘just’ do the job. The foundation for this type of organizational culture is one of trust and co-operation. Such a culture mobilises and develops the potential of all employees.

TransCooption® measures the level of competitive and co-operative behaviour within the organization and pinpoints the root causes of any sub-optimal co-operation in teams. This makes culture visible, takes the guess-work out of what to address and ensures that solutions are targeted and effective, which can be validated by carrying out repeated measurements.

TransCooption® supports you to strengthen the culture of cooperation and to create the necessary environment for your employees and therefore your organization to be more successful.

Together we create new ways 2Leadership!