We make transformation happen.
Together. With you.

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The big idea

Transformation is a constant. In nature, in life, in business. At some point things must transform or risk becoming obsolete.

What we mean

When people need to think and act differently to achieve different results. That for us is transformation.

The problem is

Most people only talk about it. Few actually know how to make it happen. What looks good in theory or on powerpoint often doesn’t translate well into reality. In the real world efforts to transform often stutter, stall and sadly descend into chaos before petering out.

Welcome to 2Leadership

We’re experts in getting strategies into execution so that trans­formation can happen.

What’s happening in your organization right now? What’s changed for you? What still needs to change? Let’s have a conversation about it!

What happens when organizations neglect the need to transform?

We don’t understand! We communicated the vision and everyone was so enthusiastic. Why aren’t we making progress?
We need to reorganise!
We’ve trained everyone again and again but they’re still not doing things differently!
Our innovation hub developed some great new things. Why is nobody doing anything with it?
We’ve done so many culture workshops but nothing has changed!
We defined our values but everyone’s just carrying on as before!

As Transformation Guides …

… we take you from what is to what can be!

With our combination of working on strategy, culture, leadership and structure & processes, we align all significant factors for your success. That’s what makes transformation happen!

… we go deep!

Transformation is a long game and we’re in it with you. We create an ideal plan together and then we work with you on the next step, and then the next, and then the next. Until your people on every level of the organization are engaged and contributing to the future with heart and hands.

… we believe you already have what it takes!

We look at what you’ve already got and build that into the plan. We check that your systems & processes support what you’re trying to achieve. And we use our operational experience & expertise to identify and close the gaps.

Your are in good company:

  • “We have used the capabilities of 2Leadership while running through our sales transformation journey … Great and successful experience! If you plan your own transformation journey, 2Leadership is highly recommended!”
    Dominik Schnellbacher, Head of Force Measurement
  • “As a company we are undergoing the most significant transformation imaginable; from a very traditional core business to a completely new business model … We have found exactly what we need to support our Managers in our Development Program with 2Leadership.”
    Katja Müller, Head of Strategic HR Management & Executives
  • “A very interesting and constructive experience and journey… Special thanks to Rainer who guides us with professionalism, fun and friendship, towards a clearer vision and awareness of the strength of our team”.
    Marco Conti, Managing Director S. Europe
  • “I was a bit sceptical at the beginning how 2Leadership can support and guide us “practically” in this transformation process. After all the workshops we had I can say GREAT decision to have 2Leadership onboard since it brought us to the next level as a team and gave us real practical tools to make this transformation successful.”
    Tino Reppe, General Manager MENAT
    Let’s have a coffee and talk about what’s happening in your organisation right now!