The Compass – How to find the right career and be your authentic self

In a recent article published by Growing Forward and Young Upstarts, Aviad Goz, Chairman of N.E.W.S.® Coaching and Training and Founder of the Momentum Group, talks about how to beat the rising employee quit rate, which is at an all-time rise according to a recent Gallup study.

Based on years of research while working with managers and executives in Organizations, he suggests that many people make career decisions without understanding what is involved and end-up with a result that may be good for a while – change itself might increase wellbeing – but not for long.

He goes on to discuss how most of us end up navigating our careers based on two very different sets of questions, depending on whether we are taking an outside-in or an inside-out approach. The first set of questions, the outside-in approach, goes something like this:

  • Where’s the money?
  • What do I not mind doing too much?
  • What am I not too bad at doing?

The second set of questions, the inside-out approach, goes like this:

  • What am I really passionate about?
  • What have I always excelled at?
  • What will get me the best possible results and fulfillment?

The first will take you on a path towards mediocrity because the level of engagement and motivation you will feel in the long-term will, at best, be mediocre. The second will allow you to tap into your internal resources and will put you on the path to your Greatness Model, where you can truly live your full potential and make a significant contribution to your family, your community and your organization.

But, I hear you ask, how do you get on to that path in the first place? And then how do you stay on it?

Well, luckily Aviad also created The Compass, a tried-and-tested award winning methodology that has so far helped tens of thousands of people all over the world find their True North and actually get there (including me). To learn more about it you can read The Compass: How to Navigate Your Life and Career in Times of Change written by Aviad and Kim Barnes, or, if you’re thinking about this for the talents in your Organization, you can contact us to find out more about the N.E.W.S.® Self-Navigation™ Programme.

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