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Our approach to working with you is always the same. We follow a structured process to understand your needs and work with you to develop the best and unique solutions to meet them.

We assign one Lead Consultant as your long-term partner because we believe that great results are achieved through great relationships.

N.E.W.S.® Self-Navigation™

Create Your Next Version

Organizations expect individuals to take more and more responsibility to drive their career in alignment with the organizational needs. Most people lack the mind-set, skills and tools to do that. The Self-Navigation program helps High-Potentials to lead themselves to their next step in the Organization.

This research based methodology is a dynamic and deep process, which creates clarity and proactive accountability, causes dramatic change and progress, and helps retention and team-building in organizations. Putting High-Potentials in a position to drive their own career within the Organisation increases engagement levels and longer-term retention. Giving participants the right support to reach their full potential, by breaking through internal barriers and limiting beliefs, promotes a culture of real Talent Development.

This program provides a platform for Talents, and in particular Millennials or Generation Y, to learn the tools and mindset required for them to continuously grow, develop and navigate their own career journey within the Organisation. Participants will be able to hold more focused, effective and targeted career development planning discussions with their Line Manager, and with the ability to steer the course of their own career in order to reach their full potential.

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Communication & Coaching for Experts

Impactful Communication

Experts are expected to have a wealth of responsibilities today. It is important that they are able to intelligibly communicate their expertise in the context of “knowledge-management processes”, and to persuade and support others to accept behavioural change or to adopt new procedures. This requires that Experts, like Line Managers, develop the ability to communicate their expertise effectively in an impactful, results-oriented, and engaging manner, while handling uncertainties, fears, or resistance.

This program teaches Experts how to use different tools and methodologies to find new solutions as a team and to appreciate the long-term added value of swarm intelligence over the speed of the lone wolf. They learn the skills necessary to deliver meetings and presentations to achieve maximum impact with their audience, and how to handle objections in an elegant and participative manner.

They are given a set of diagnostic tools to guide and coach project teams at key decision-points, in development situations, and through rapid change. They work on developing the necessary mindset, the skills and on applying hands-on tools to effectively solve problems, negotiate, influence, present, and engage in coaching conversations with peers.

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Core Strengths® Talent Effectiveness

Results Through Relationships

Your organization is a fabric woven together by teams—by people interacting in big and small ways every day. The quality of those relationships determines what your business can achieve.

The Core Strengths® Results Through Relationships program teaches people how to harness what drives their personal performance, so they get better at executing on it and understanding what drives others. The goal of interactions shifts to understanding—instead of being right about —each other.

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0) assesses peoples motives, drives and values – not just their strengths. The SDI 2.0 Conflict Sequence enables people to correctly “see” a conflict  in themselves and others – and to manage it more effectively. With the ability to resolve conflict quickly, teams reduce the time and resources spent on conflict. They have more time to work collaboratively, instead of losing opportunities, or missing deadlines, because they could not get along.

This program uses a multi-faceted approach to develop talents by combining assessments, an experiential training curriculum, and instant access to Talent Effectiveness Platform to help connect more effectively internally and externally to your Organisation.

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