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At the heart of every organization are people. People who have a relationship with the organization they commit to working in, as well as with the people they work with. The quality of the relationships, both with the organization and with others, will determine how well individuals are able to create their reality, grow and achieve results.

We blend different solutions together to develop unique programs adapted to your organization and the people in it. They go beyond emotional intelligence. They are designed to promote relationship intelligence. They are designed for individuals to lead themselves, their careers, and their relationships with their organization and the people they work with.

To give you an idea of what that could look like for you, we’ve described a couple of the more common types of projects we’re asked to help with.

How are we different?

We look at the development needs of your organization, your leaders and your teams. We look at them in the context of real work. And we look at the knowledge and behaviours that need to be reinforced. We know that your success depends on this.

Phase I

Phase II

Phase III

Phase IV

The Problem

In the last two years several key talents have chosen to leave your organization. To address this, you have implemented a structured talent development program in the last year focused on building functional expertise and team spirit. Now you want to expand the program to develop their leadership and communication skills. The pool consists of 30 talents, divided into the two pathways of leadership and functional expertise. You have implemented a mentoring program to support your talents.

The Solution

Phase I: Provide talents with the mindset, tools and skills to lead their own career. Engage mentors in the process by developing their coaching skills.

Phase II: Develop communication and influencing skills for the functional experts pathway and coaching skills for the future leaders pathway.

Phase III: Improve the ability to prioritise and focus on the critically important goals for themselves and the organization.

Phase IV: Embed through individual coaching for selected individuals.

The Outcome

Validation and correction of the ideal pathway for the talents. Individuals have aligned their career aspirations with potential career paths within the organisation. Both pathways have a frameworks and tools to be effective in their respective areas, supported by their mentors who have strengthened their coaching capabilities.

The Benefit

Talents sees the company is prepared to invest in their development and support them in their chosen career path, thereby increasing the probability of longer-term retention. Mentors are more able to act as coaches in their role and avoid falling into the trap of operational management during development discussions. Relationships between talents, mentors and the organization are strengthened, which has a positive impact on collective results.

Module I

Module II

Module III

Phase IV

Phase V

The Problem

Every year you hire and onboard apprentices for a 2-year development scheme. Every year, the number of graduates who move into permanent positions is dropping, causing loss of know-how and future talent. You have decided to put in place a 1-year orientation program for your 2nd year apprentices, to help them understand the types of jobs available and to provide them with the tools and skills to steer their own career and feel responsible for their own development. You have planned 10.5 days for a pilot program next year and you have identified 5 talents to participate. They will take an active role in shaping the program for the future.

The Solution

A bespoke solution blending different program modules together from the N.E.W.S.® and Corestrengths® suite.

Module I: Provide a framework and tools to connect individual ambitions with available internal roles and opportunities.

Module II: Improve the ability to use individual strengths and priority setting effectively to reach goals.

Module III: Develop skills and tools for impactful communication with individuals and teams.

Module IV: Develop presentation and influencing skills.

Module V: Individual coaching sessions to assess the best fit to future roles within the organization.

The Outcome

Apprentices feel empowered to drive their own careers and enter into a longer-term relationship with your organization. They have a clearer picture of which career path would best suit them and they build better communication and influencing skills so they can have more effective relationships with others. The organization increases retention levels of young talents, creates more certainty for the future and achieves a better ROI on its initial investment.

The Benefit

Blending different elements together within each module gives you a completely holistic approach to your orientation program. Connecting this to the internal opportunities at the beginning and end of the full program helps to manage expectations and retention. The active participation of talents during the pilot will engage them in the process and ensure that your program meets the needs and expectations of the younger generation.

Solutions to Transform Relationships

Organizations want their talents to be responsible for driving their own careers. To make that possible, they need to provide them with the skills and tools to do so. This program is designed to do just that. It puts talents in the driving seat of their own career.

Working around the N.E.W.S.® Compass™, talents have a structured framework to connect their passions and skills with the needs of the organization. It gives them a platform to identify opportunities for their own development and enables them to hold focused discussions with their managers. They identify potential barriers to progress and work on plans to push forward.

This program transforms the relationship talents have with their managers and their organization. They leave the program with a vision of where they want their career to go within the organization. They are able to articulate why they want to take this direction. They understand what might hold them back and how to work past it. And they have a structured plan to create their future with focus and intention.

Experts are the backbone of many organizations. Organizations rely on experts to lead projects, to lead processes, to lead knowledge management. With that comes the need for experts to lead others, formally and informally. By their very nature, experts can find persuading and influencing others challenging, a key skill they need to lead the type of work they are often tasked with.

This program gives experts tools and methodologies to find new solutions as a team and to appreciate the added value of swarm intelligence over the speed of the lone wolf. They learn the skills necessary to deliver meetings and presentations to achieve maximum impact with their audience, and how to handle objections in an elegant and participative manner.

They are given a set of diagnostic tools to guide and coach project teams at key decision-points, in development situations, and through rapid change. They work on developing the necessary mindset and skills, and on applying hands-on tools to effectively solve problems, negotiate, influence, present, and engage peers through a coaching approach.

Your organization is a fabric woven together by teams – by people interacting in big and small ways every day. The quality of those relationships determines what your business can achieve.

This program teaches people how to harness what drives their personal performance and understanding what drives others. The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI 2.0®) assesses peoples motives, drivers and values – not just their strengths. Going beyond other methodologies, it shows how our motives change when we experience conflict and how that affects behaviour, our own and that of others. Being able to ‘read’ conflict in ourselves and others helps us to choose how we react and to reduce the time and energy spent unproductively.

This program uses a multi-faceted approach to develop talents by combining assessments, an experiential training curriculum, and instant access to the Talent Effectiveness Platform to help connect more effectively as a team.

Together we create new ways 2Leadership!