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Need a partner in Portugal? Meet Ferdinand!

Ferdinand is Executive Consultant & Executive Coach for 2Leadership GmbH. In January 2020 he established the 2Leadership activities in Lisbon.

His career spans more than 20 years in Sales, Marketing and Commercial Digital Transformation in the Technology Sector. As the 2Leadership GmbH “Remote Office” in Lisbon, he creates a bridge between the booming Start-Up metropolises Berlin and Lisbon.

Ferdinand is also active in the Entrepreneur and Start-Up Scene in Lisbon.

"Greatness is measured by courage and heart."
Ferdinand Lucke

Executive Consultant

As a seasoned businessman, Ferdinand’s approach is deliberately results-oriented, methodically careful and humanly respectful. For him lofty goals are an incentive, a feasible challenge, and together with the existing team, he uses a methodical basis to plan for success. Ferdinand has a preference for profound, courageous and methodical change processes. His passion is the transformation of dysfunctional teams into successful, and satisfied teams.

Ferdinand’s drive is travelling and living in different cultures. Showing his children, a world without borders is the dream he and his wife work hard to realize. He has lived in Brazil, Greece, Holland, England, Spain, and is currently living between Portugal and Germany.

Contact Ferdinand at:

2Leadership GmbH

+351 960 471 902


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