Choosing to be a Great Modern Leader

As the world becomes even more volatile, uncertain, complex, and more ambiguous, businesses need a new type of leadership. It either needs a different person, or a developed version of yourself. This new leadership requires different capabilities to lead organizations into the future successfully.

Critical importance is given to the fact that we have a choice in life to be a great Leader. Choosing to be a great Leader, who fits into this time, is creating your personal and professional future. This isn’t philosophical, but simply creating a very practical vision for oneself. The below description is based on the belief that when Leaders think, learn, plan and execute, they actively create their new future – and continue to lead their organizations greatly.

Thrive in change – open and flexible

New Leaders create and maintain a free flow of information; foster and demonstrate open mindedness, they facilitate fluidity and flexibility in group processes and structures; create collaborative networks; move easily between cultures within the organization. They become stewards of the process of change.

Participative, attentive and good listener

These Leaders use a participative leadership style especially with younger employees; practice deep listening and leverage the wisdom and creativity of their team. They are very attentive to any change and move fast to react and align their team accordingly.

Innovative, creative and intuitive

Modern, up to date Leaders develop and use creative and intuitive abilities; see things intentionally, know intuitively. They emphasize creativity and transformation; use creative tension to foster change and new ideas. They find new ways to bridge complex problems and gaps.

Risk taker and daring

Considering these different times, these new Leaders take calculated risks, find new ideas, and continue innovating in how they lead and communicate. They refuse to accept the status quo and challenge it. They value talented people and understand how and when to collaborate with them.


They tirelessly pursue goals and move forward out of their comfort zones. They have confidence in their own abilities and focus on what they do well. They learn continuously from their mistakes, develop skills, enhance their competence and create their own next versions.

Developer of people and teams

Up to date Leaders learn to become coaches and mentors. They understand that their success relies on their peoples’ success. They inspire their people through shared values and purpose (North Star).


Leaders of these days take charge in a conscious, deliberate, active manner. They look ahead and anticipate the desired future. They strategize to prevent potential problems spending less time on reactive leadership.

Being a modern Leader isn’t a preset we have or not, it is a choice and we can learn leadership and coaching skills.

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