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2Leadership has been partnering with the TransCooption® since 2019.

That makes us part of a value driven network of professional training and coaching partners, all dedicated to contributing to improving cooperation in organizations, making the world of work more satisfying for individuals and successful for all.

TransCooption®. Transforming Culture from Competition to Cooperation.

It is essential that organizations adapt to the digital age we live in. As the world of work continues to change they need to offer their employees an environment, which encourages dialogue and the exchange of knowledge and experience, not one of competitiveness and one-upmanship. Those organizations who succeed in throwing off the shackles of competitive thinking and who actively pursue a strategy of building a culture of cooperation will be more successful in the long run.

Since 2014, TransCooption® has been supporting organizations to clear the way to making their organizational culture measurable, visible, changeable and controllable.

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A Mathematical Foundation

In 2013, Thomas Kottmann and Dr. Kurt Smit noticed an article by the American organizational psychologist Adam Grant, which presented his bestseller 'Give and Take'. Grant electrified them with his studies of the different types of cooperation, which was the beginning of the exciting development story that continues to this day.

By integrating Grant's theory with Axelrod's game theory and Hüther's latest neurobiological findings they have built a truly unique mathematical model to measure the level of cooperation behaviour in companies.


Building on the methodology of TransCooption® these easy-read quick-guides give an excellent insight into why a culture of cooperation is so essential for organizations and leaders today. Both are currently only available in German.

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