Tabitha Stach

Office Management

Making sure everybody’s shoe laces are tied before we embark for the moon

I have an eye for detail and a passion for creating beautiful things. That’s why I like bringing order to chaos because that’s what makes the space for creativity. My organizational skills are put to good use with the 2Leadership team. I make sure the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted so that everyone is able to focus on their role in supporting our customers.

I love that by supporting our team and taking care of many of the behind-the-scenes details, I can also be a small part in enabling people to do work that excites them and to lead meaningful lives.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you have a question regarding our commercial offers or invoices.
  • you need to get to Kirsten or Andy.
  • you’re not sure who on the team to speak to.

Tabitha Stach
+49 151 20840722

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Berlin, Germany


Admin, Accounting, Marketing, HR




Tourism & Events, Photography, Non-physician Healthcare, Social Work, NGO’s


Office Management & PA


German, English

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