Stefan Göttlinger

Transformation Guide

Opening up strategic perspectives for solution-oriented cross-functional cooperation

My career has been marked with managing business critical transformation processes, be that restructuring, technology launches, IT changes or entire M&A processes. I thrive on taking a holistic approach to difficult problems.

In all the processes I’ve led, I’ve used my technical experience and industry knowledge in IT to drive things forward. However, the real key to success has been to rely on my open and respectful manner to activate the people involved. Because I strongly believe that the human factor is THE central point for the long-term success in any transformation.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you need a different perspective for your decisions in the combined area of IT/technology, processes and people.
  • you can not see a clear path for you or your company in the sea of tools and methods.
  • you need someone at your side while you transform and who will help you to take your team with you.

Stefan Göttlinger
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Munich, Germany


General Management, Project Management, Controlling, Finance, Consulting, Strategy, M&A, Restructuring, Change Management, Business Development & Digitalization




Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, IT, Consulting


General Manager, Authorized Representative, Head of Controlling & M&A, Lead Consultant, IT Project Lead


German, English

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