Rainer Müller


Bringing a structured approach to enable people to create room for new options

I look back on a career of over 30 years in well-known automotive companies, where I’ve held various leadership positions at different levels – from Operations Manager in a factory all the way through to COO and latterly CDO of a $6bn global business unit.

As an analytically-oriented engineer, I like to deploy a systematic approach to both strategic and operational activities. I have always sought to maintain a focused balance not only on a meaningful combination of technology and methods but also on effective collaboration and consistent development of the people within the organization. This, as well as creating agile organizational cultures, continues to drive my work with my customers today.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you need to turn ideas into a structure.
  • you want to challenge the status quo and look for new options.
  • you want to take a step back and find new ways with a calm and analytical approach.

Rainer Müller
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Speyer, Germany


Operations, Supply Chain, Manufacturing Engineering, Digital Transformation


EMEA, North Africa, APAC, India, America


Automotive, Electronics, Interior, Tires


COO, CDO, Multisite Operations, GM, Green Field


German, English, French

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