Michael Schmid


Encouraging others to generate ideas and options to build their next, best future

In 2019, following a very successful career in mid/large-sized companies and corporations, I decided to shift my focus to passing on my leadership knowledge and experience to the next generation of executives. This is fuelled by my early realization that there is an essential difference between companies who are successful in the long-term, and those who are not. The former know how to balance consistent customer-focus, the internal transfer of knowledge and expertise, strong processes and structures, and culture with the ability to create teams who are results-focused and work well together.

It’s why I’m currently expanding my contacts and knowledge in the hugely exciting ecosystem of the start-up scene –  both on the founder and on the  investor side. This is where I can make my contribution to the world of business; by working with young founders to guide them to become leaders and to build successful companies for the future.

I can make my greatest contribution when: 

  • you need to discuss options for your next phase.
  • you need some help to ignite your team.
  • you need an honest partner who will also tell you what you don’t want to hear.

Michael Schmid
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Berlin, Germany


General Management, Strategy, Finance, M&A, Process Management, Digitalisation, Purchasing


D-A-CH, Europe


Real Estate, Facility Management, Services, Mobility, Energy, Railways, Logistics


CEO, CFO, HR, Sales, CRO, Field Services


German, English

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