Jenny Kutschker

Transformation Guide

I find the blind spots and develop strategies to make the seemingly impossible possible

I gained my first experience in leadership development with volunteer leaders in what I call the ‘supreme discipline of leadership’: How do you teach unpaid leaders to lead their staff, who are also volunteers, to professionalism, performance and personal growth? With this question in mind, I have developed a special ‘coaching leadership style’ – the key to unlocking the full potential of a team.

I have first-hand experience of organizational transformation. As a member of the strategic management team for many years I was actively involved in the fundamental cultural transformation of an entire organization – with everything that goes with it: patience, pain and success.

The red thread through each iteration of my journey: Whatever I’m doing, I use my analytical insight to identify the next step for people and organisations and help them to develop strategies to take that next step successfully – regardless of the context.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you need someone to help you see the potential pitfalls and dead-ends before you get stuck.
  • you need your leaders to connect with the bigger picture so they can find their place and make their contribution.
  • you need help to turn your managers into strategic leaders.

Jenny Kutschker
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Hannover, Germany


Organizational Strategy, Leadership Development, General Management, Cultural Change




Medical, Research, NGO


Dr. Med., Research, Creative Director, GM, Head Leadership Development and Organizational Change


German, English

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