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Who We Are & What’s Important to Us

We are passionate about creating tangible impact for our clients. It’s as much in our DNA as the integrity which guides our behaviour and our decisions every day. When we work with you, we do so as our authentic selves; partnering with you to inspire creational growth for you, your people, and your organization.

We’re a team of seasoned professionals, all with strong operational and strategic backgrounds. We pride ourselves on delivering practical and sustainable solutions, adapted to your needs and delivered in your language.

Our Team

We’re a team made up of all shapes and sizes. We love what we do and we love that we each contribute in our own way, to making the world of work a little bit better every day.

We’re spread all across Europe in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal and Croatia so we mostly see each other in the virtual world. When we do all manage to congregate in the same place at the same time, we make sure we have plenty of time for work and plenty of time fun.

Andy's one half of the brains behind _2Leadership. He's the strategic thinker of the team and the guru behind the business development machine.
Andy Geh

Managing Partner

Kirsten is the other half of the brains behind _2Leadership. It's her job to think up clever ways of blending programmes together to come up with unique solutions for our clients.
Kirsten Watson

Managing Partner

Michael's one of our Partners and Executive Consultants. When you ask him how he is, his standard response is 'fit'. He'd have to be to keep up with his many kids, find the time to enjoy his cars and the occasional round of golf, and be out and about as Executive Consultant for 2Leadership!
Michael Schmid

Partner & Executive Consultant

Rainer is one of our Partners and Executive Consultants. As an Engineer he's a fan of systematic and strategic approaches. He's also strong operationally, particularly when he's in the kitchen making one of his latest cake creations.
Rainer Müller

Partner & Executive Consultant

Heike coaches us all and creates structure out of chaos. We love that she creates our processes even if we don't always love to follow them 🙂
Heike Kamen-Varvodic

Project Manager & Facilitator

Rochi’s in charge of keeping us all organised – she’s the gatekeeper you need to get past if you want to talk to us. She’s also our social media queen and our all-round "Girl Friday" 🙂
Rochina Williams

Office Manager & Project Coordinator

Tabitha loves to bring order into chaos and creates structures where ever she goes. We love that and are grateful to have her in our team. Also there is a fox living in her backyard and the two of them have been peacefully co-existing for years now...
Tabitha Stach

Office Manager & Personal Assistant

Silvia's our book-keeper, literally! It's her job to get all the right materials, to the right place, at the right time. No mean feat given that we work with customers all across Europe! Oh, and she gets to manage all our expenses...lucky thing!
Silvia Geh

Back-Office Coordinator

Yasmina's one of our Executive Consultants. She has a penchant for all things complex and strategic. Working with us and juggling family life with her husband and two amazing kids means she gets plenty of practise in strategically managing complexity!
Yasmina Sefriou

Executive Consultant

Ferdinand is one of our Executive Consultants. Since he joined us he's taken off like a rocket, which certainly helps given that he divides his time between Portugal and Germany. Secretly we think he drinks rocket fuel for breakfast!
Ferdinand Lucke

Executive Consultant

'Vienna calling'...well almost. Dirk's one of our Executive Consultants who's made his home in the beautiful Vienna Woods. When he's not spending time with his family or out and about conquering mountains, he's leading our 2Leadership operations in Austria.
Dirk Bongartz

Executive Consultant

Stefan's one of our Executive Consultants. He loves structure and making things run smoothly, not just in the world of business but also as a world-class Latin-American dancer.
Stefan Göttlinger

Executive Consultant

Jenny's one of our Executive Coaches. She's the scientist of the group and what we refer to as a 'multi-potentialite'... As an MD she's just as passionate about helping her patients to get better as she is about helping young leaders to fulfil their potential as an Executive Coach. In a way you could say she's a 'soul doctor'! 🙂
Dr. Jenny Kutschker

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Martin's one of our Facilitators. Apart from being really tall, he's also the actor of the group and is an amazing storyteller (they're not tall stories though, honestly!).
Martin Schlicht


Together we create new ways 2Leadership!