The time for coaching is now!

True leadership means investing in yourself. Constantly.

There are many ways to invest in developing as a leader. The most impactful is to develop your ability to coach by becoming a coachee yourself.

Our N.E.W.S.® Organizational Coaching approach is unique, structured and with high impact. It supports your development at a personal, interpersonal and organizational level.

Each of the programs below are designed around this unique approach and have been developed to address the different needs of busy Executives and Managers.

They are programs to transform.

They allow pause. Pause allows choice. Choice allows change.

Special 2Leadership Events – How To Navigate In Times Of Adversity!

The world is changing at a rapid rate with its forces radically reshaping the reality in which we live. Everywhere we look, disruptive innovations are impacting every sector with industries today facing high levels of turmoil. No firm, industry or career is immune from the impact of these forces.  As leaders in a world that is substantially more volatile, uncertain and complex, many find that incremental changes are no longer sufficient. Frequent and deeper changes and transformation are what is needed.

This requires a new kind of leadership. Organizations need to change as fast as their environment and need resilient leaders to empower, motivate and at the same time ensure the achievement of operational results.

N.E.W.S.® Executive Coaching™ is an innovative and profoundly structured process to help you navigate your career and your team. It is tailored to answer the development needs for the very busy Executive operating in an uncertain environment. It is structured and transparent, organized as a step-by-step process, with very clear goals, roadmap and outcomes.

This is for you:

  • If you are in transition; to a new organization, a new role, or a new career,
  • if you and your organization need to lead complex change,
  • if you are investing in your own career development,
  • if you want to learn how to apply the unique methodology and tools to lead your team and organization.

You will complete the program with increased clarity and focus, and a set of tools to lead, coach and develop yourself and your teams.

Contact us if you are ready to achieve new levels of performance for yourself and your team.

Managers are responsible not only for the day-to-day management of operations but also for taking an active role in coaching and developing their people. Many struggle to find the balance between when to manage and when to coach and are even taught to consider the two like wearing ‘separate hats’. Apart from being impossible, this is not necessary.

N.E.W.S.® Manager as Coach™ shows managers how to conduct short, impactful conversations of a coaching nature as part of their role as manager. By applying the very practical program tools and models, managers learn how to structure their conversations in such a way that they do not need to ‘swap hats’. In interactive role plays they develop the practical skills to assess where team members may be stuck and how to apply the tools to help them to get moving again.

This is for you:

  • If you want to learn how to make coaching an integral part of your role as manager,
  • if you want to learn how to have short, impactful conversations to manage and develop your people,
  • if you want to be a driver of change in your organization,
  • if you want to perform better, individually, as a team and as an organization.

You will complete the program with the mindset, skills and tools to manage, coach and develop your team.

Contact us if you are ready to be the manager of the team everyone wants to be in.

More and more organizations are looking to develop internal coaches. The internal capacity to coach employees and managers has become an important differentiator between companies.

N.E.W.S.® offers the most structured and replicable process to develop internal organizational coaches. It provides a common framework, a common language, and a measurable process. The methodology has been specifically designed for leaders in organizations, is easy to follow, and easy to implement.

This measurable, structured and yet personalized coaching process enables the creation of an organization-wide coaching methodology and language, aligned to the strategy of the organization. The coaching process is supported by a full coaching kit and the 2Leadership team of Executive Coaches.

The blended learning format provides a flexible approach to the 60-hour development program, while the structured supervision process ensures that the methodology is embedded following the 70/20/10 approach.

Contact us if you are ready to contribute to the future of your organisation by becoming an internal N.E.W.S.® Organizational Coach™.

Together we create new ways 2Leadership!