Navigating in Times
of Adversity 2Leadership

The time to learn to navigate in unchartered waters is now!

The whole world is in the middle of the COVID 19 emergency state.

This is true for individuals, for families and for companies alike.

The programs below are designed specifically for this moment. They are designed to give individuals, teams and companies a structured process to navigate the unchartered waters in which they find themselves today.

They are programs to transform adversity into possibility.

They allow pause. Pause allows choice. Choice allows change.

Ready to navigate out of the crisis?

Some companies have already moved beyond crisis-routine and are out the other end into crisis-recovery. These are companies who have managed the crisis and are already able to focus on the opportunities presented by this new situation.

If you and your team are engaged and ready to move forward to your next phase, then this program is for you.

We begin the process with some preparation with you as the leader, and then work with you and your team to get you all aligned and engaged with what you need to be focusing on, and just as importantly, what you don’t. We reflect on you as a team, and the strengths and resilience you’ve built up together during the crisis, and we look at how you can amplify that for the tough days ahead.

The work done by you and your team during and between each of the sessions will move you forward and get you ready for the time to come after the crisis. Regular checkpoint follow-up can be added on a monthly basis to keep the momentum going and help you to readjust and re-navigate.

Ready to navigate your whole team virtually?

Virtual work settings are revolutionizing the workplace. Responsiveness and flexibility are higher than ever. At the same time, so are the issues and challenges leaders face to keep the performance of their team as a unit high.

The N.E.W.S.® Advanced Virtual Leadership™ solution provides leaders with the mindset and six powerful skills and tools to lead their team as a whole unit in the modern virtual environment. These skills and abilities will support the modern leader to harness all advantages of the virtual work environment and to leverage the potential that technology and virtual corporate platforms offer for virtual leadership.

This is a unique leadership training program. It has been created in response to the need for participative virtual leadership. This style of leadership engages the whole team and creates buy-in and alignment from a distance. It provides leaders with the ability to lead and motivate teams as whole teams, going beyond leading individual team members.

The program is based on the N.E.W.S.® Compass™ for leadership and is highly structured and clear. Managers who go through this unique program testify that it changes their approach to leading remotely and beyond. It makes them much more effective and capable in the new virtual workplace, leading knowledge-age workers and millennials. They are far more successful at leading highly complex virtual teams that challenge the leadership style of yesterday.

A manager’s role is complex enough at the best of times, let alone in a crisis like the one we are experiencing now. As leaders it’s up to us to give our teams the direction and support they need but this can take its toll on us too. Just like our employees, we too may have families at home, and we too may be struggling to juggle life, school and work in a confined space.

Many of us may be faced with new situations where we simply don’t have the answer, but we feel that it’s our responsibility to provide one, nonetheless. The added uncertainty of how long this situation will continue, can leave us feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

The N.E.W.S.® Co.M.P.Act.™ Coaching Hotline is designed to give fast and constructive support to managers, while removing some of the burden on HR departments. It’s very simple – we put in place a package of coaching sessions in your organisation. Then, if managers need some help to think something through, or are looking for inspiration on how to deal with a particular situation, they can just get in touch with us by mail or phone. Within 4 hours they receive a confirmed date and time from one of our coaches. Then they meet with their coach for a 30-minute session at the agreed time – ideally by video or phone if that’s not possible, and they work together to find a solution.

We don’t promise to be able to fix things, but we can promise to help by providing tips, insights and tools to use so managers can feel less overwhelmed and more confident about what they can do to manage the challenges they’re facing.

Ready to navigate to a less disruptive reality?

Our already disruptive reality has become even more challenging lately. Every day we face endless changes, information overload, and constant disruptions.

We might plan what we want to do every week or every day, but the daily storm takes over. We don’t get the things we want done, so we work early in the morning, or late in the evening or on weekends. Work invades our personal life. Stress levels rise. We end up being over busy all the time!

If you’re ready to change your reality and to take back control over your day, then this is for you.

During the 2 x 3-hour webinars you’ll learn the principles and practical tools to get back in the driver seat and to consciously and proactively manage distractions until you are ready to deal with them.

In the two weeks following the webinars you’ll work individually with your coach in 2 x 1-hour sessions to help you on the road to maintaining the new habits you’ve chosen to create.

The time to become effective in our disruptive world is now!

We welcome you 2Leadership in times of adversity and beyond!