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Kirsten Watson

Managing Partner

Thinking in possibilities to take what already exists to the next level.

Core Value: Creational Growth

I created 2Leadership with Andreas Geh because we both believe very strongly that the business world needs more humanity. That’s why we’ve built a team of incredible, passionate people who share our values and our vision, and who collectively can activate the potential in the leaders and organizations we work with.

My career path has been unusual from day 1. From Sales to Translating & Interpreting, to HR to Managing Partner of 2Leadership. The red thread? Thinking in possibilities. Asking ‘what if?’. It’s been the key to incredible opportunities and experiences over the last 25 years.

I love that I can now put that to good use every day. To combine my experience from industry and my expertise in leadership development to open new paths to explore for our customers. To develop what already is to what can be. To encourage people to step out of their comfort zones and into the world of possibilities.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you want to think in possibilities and take what you have to the next level.
  • you need someone to encourage you and your team to take the next step.
  • you want to take a creative and structured approach to building the next version of yourself or your organization.

Kirsten Watson
+41 78 7232854

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Basel, Switzerland


General Management, HR, OD, M&A, Cultural & Organizational Change


Europe, Asia, N. America


Pharmaceuticals, Energy Transmission & Distribution, Rail & Transport


GM, HRD, Director Organisational Effectiveness, Sales Manager


English, German, French


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