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Christian Dohr

Transformation Guide

Empower organizations to create long lasting progress by uncovering hidden patterns and breaking through barriers.

Core Value: Creational Growth

For 30 years I loved to take on responsibility to grow businesses in a profitable way. I enjoyed my career growth in Europe and North America and met and worked with excellent people.

I learned how important leadership and people skills are and that often, when you hear it’s a technology issue, it’s probably not. Look at strategy and people first. Someone might have forgotten to stop the bus, open the doors and bring in the people that are required for the job. Don’t forget to explain to them why they should get on the bus!

When I met Andy and Kirsten in 2020, I was impressed by their approach and tools that 2Leadership brings to transformations. We at 2Leadership combine the strategic path with values and people aspects. This combination is unique and it’s our magic soup.

I love to work in the very professional 2Leadership team. Being surrounded by like-minded people that all have different strengths and personalities makes this new path enjoyable and challenging (in a good way). I love it and I’m eager to apply our know-how with our team to improve our customer’s companies.

I can make my greatest contribution when:

  • you want to renew your business and aren’t sure how
  • you don’t see enough progress in your project/transformation
  • you think it’s a technology problem.
  • your strategy is not being executed well enough.

Christian Dohr
+49 175 2839498

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Tübingen, Germany


Sales Manager, Operations Planning, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), CEO & President


Europe, North America


Metal Manufacturing, Automotive Supplier, Materials Distribution


General Management, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Business growth development, Restructuring, Digital Transformation


German, English


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