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2Leadership has been partnering with the Core Strengths® PSP, Inc. team since 2017.

That makes us part of a value driven network of professional training and coaching partners, all dedicated to creating a world where people have the power to make every relationship in their lives more positive and productive by learning when and how to use their core strengths.

Core Strengths®. Relationship Intelligence in Action.

Relationships can be complex, but the good news is that making your talent more effective doesn’t have to be. Core Strengths is the only solution that helps you improve relationships, build better teams and coach for performance throughout your organization. Our assessments, training and platform enable you to actively shape the conversations that move businesses forward.

Since 1971 over three million people have taken the SDI assessment and have learned how to flexibly approach relationships for greater mutual success. Today it’s easier than ever to reinforce the Relationship Intelligence they’ve gained through our Core Strengths Platform, a revolution in talent development that helps people reach their highest potential through relationships.

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SDI & Relationship Awareness Theory

In 1971, Elias Porter introduced the SDI and Relationship Awareness Theory to the world. His theory focuses on personal strengths and their underlying motivations as the key to understanding people and improving relationships. The SDI is the practical application of the theory and was the first personality assessment to use colors. The SDI has been used on every continent and is available in over 25 languages.

Core Strengths® Solutions

Core Strengths Relationship Intelligence connects your people strategy with your business objectives to deliver your organization’s brand promise. This is achieved through a conscious commitment to improving collaboration, building better teams, and coaching for performance.


The Core Strengths® Booth won “Best in Show” at atd 2019 in Washington D.C. The annual conference is the largest gathering of talent development professionals in the world. On day one alone, over 300 learning professionals visited the booth, completed the SDI 2.0 assessment, received their results, and learned about our new talent effectiveness platform.

Together we create new ways 2Leadership!