‘Crisis’ – What do you want from me?

Meanwhile it’s August, midsummer and my worst word of the year is definitely already ‘Corona’. There’s hardly any other topic in the media, face masks have become part of everyday life and the virus is as real as it was in March. Me and mine are doing well: no one has fallen ill, no one has lost their job and despite it all, it’s summer. My problems are first-world problems: my flights have been cancelled, festivals are cancelled, and I have to ‘socially-distance’ from people who mean a lot to me. 

I find myself asking, can I even be annoyed about it at all? My answer: yes, I definitely can because it completely affects my life, I just have to be careful that I don’t lose balance, that I don’t give my anger too much space. What really affects me is that we still can’t have live church services in Berlin and – like so many others in our country, I am on short-time work. So yes, I’m allowed to be annoyed about Corona and the limits it imposes on my life, and yet I’m grateful to be able to live in this country and I respect the decisions that the government makes.

So, I’ve used the last weeks and months to think about different areas of my life and feel like I am at a new beginning. The best time to get started is NOW.

1. Show me the money

Given that, on the one hand, contracts have dissipated into the ether and, on the other, that I’m on short-time work, I’ve had to watch my financial reserves go South, watch them dry up. I’m glad I did pretty well last year, so I haven’t had to fight too hard for the last five months. Nevertheless, I’m starting at the beginning again. And this time I want to be as intentional as I can with my money. One question I’m asking myself as a guide right now is: “How much do I want to be able to pass on today in 5 years and what do I have to do to make that a reality?” I firmly believe that if we don’t focus our lives on ourselves, it will get bigger and bigger, because then it’s about more than ourselves. And if I work on blessing other people more and more with my finances, then I too will generate more. Because if you want to give a lot, you have to have a lot. 

2. Who am I travelling with?

My Pastor often says, “Show me your five closest friends and I’ll show you who you are in a year. ” I think that’s a really nice thought because those closest to me are pretty great and carefully selected.

It’s so important that we surround ourselves with people who encourage us and help us become the best version of ourselves. If I have only a little bit of what I admire and love about these special people, I’ll have the best conditions to live my best life. Corona and its consequences have shown me once again that I have made the right decisions on this point. I did a little ‘soul hygiene’ in my extended circle and withdrew from contacts that are not good for me (anymore). Very liberating and recommended!

3. Stay fresh and young

This pandemic is just inviting you to let yourself go. And it would be so easy. But I don’t want to. Absolutely not. I want to be fit to have the best life I can. I’ve started to pay more attention to how I treat my body. I’m paying more attention to my body and not just my soul, which often is very happy NOT to move and to have dates with Ben & Jerry. But my body has more to say and is not being shouted down by my feelings. I cook more, move more, jog, make sure I drink enough. As soon as our lives return to normal, I’ll be as fit as the Hulk and ready to give 300%, while maybe so many others are just waking up from hibernation. Since I’ve been taking more care of my body, my soul hasn’t been crying out for rest as often. Is there a connection?

4. Ready at all times

My life hasn’t just stopped, no. It’s been a bit different. Nor do I consider the last few months to be lost or wasted – not at all. I’ve rethought a lot of things and positioned myself for my next big step. I’m not going to allow a pandemic, or anything else for that matter, to ruin my flow and I’m relentlessly building my dreams. I am unstoppable no matter what comes, because I know where I want to go. I have no idea how to get there, and nobody ever told me, “You’re not going to experience a pandemic,” so I’m ready for whatever comes. This life is the best I have and believe me, I’m going to celebrate it no matter how the music plays.

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